Houthis out to eliminate Saleh, claims Yemen VP

Yemeni Vice President Gen. Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar

By Islam Seif

SANAA — Yemeni Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar said on Tuesday that the Houthis, whom ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh helped stage their coup, are getting ready to pay him back by eliminating him.

“The Houthis are now preparing to pay back those who helped them by eliminating them and excluding them and by voicing ingratitude, just like they’ve always done,” Ahmad said in reference to Saleh.

During an address to local officials in Marib, Ahmar added that the Houthis would not have come so far if it had not been for contradictory political work as it’s thanks to these contradictions that the Houthis infiltrated Sanaa. He also said that Houthis always violate vows and pledges, adding that this has become one of their characteristics.

“The Houthis did not achieve progress in the field thanks to their military power but rather by violating pledges as they could not even enter the town of Dammaj and had to request others to mediate (to resolve its case),” Ahmar said.

In support of Saleh, the Republican Guards recently escalated their caution and readiness to confront any developments after Houthis arrested a number of their officers and soldiers earlier this week.

The tensions in Sanaa extended to the Sanhan district, south of capital, which is Saleh’s hometown.

After the Saudi-led coalition air force shelled militias’ posts on Friday, Houthis reinforced their presence in Sanhan and stationed near the Dabwa and Rima Hamid camps which are under the control of the Republican Guards.

Meanwhile, sources said that Saleh directed the Republican Guards to protect both camps and strictly deal with any Houthi attempt to raid them or come near them. — Al Arabiya