Death lurks on Ahsa road

Residents dread a ride to Al-Oqair beach

Deadly accidents are a daily scene on Al-Oqair Road in Al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province.

Saudi Gazette report

AL-ASHA – Al-Oqair Road, or the death road as many call it, in the eastern region of Al-Ahsa has witnessed many tragedies with families losing their beloved ones to deadly accidents. Residents say the road does not have the simplest safety requirements such as light poles and multiple lanes for overtaking, according to Al-Hayat newspaper.

There are no fences on either side of the road and stray camels can appear from nowhere in the middle of the road at any time. For people who use the road to Al-Oqair Beach, the trip is literally breathtaking.

Men, women and children have lost their life on the road. Some of them were tourists coming from the Gulf or Arab countries. Many of the dead had come to visit the beach, not knowing that death was lurking on the road.

Seeing a traffic accident on the road has become a daily scene. The danger lies in the fact that this is a two-lane road without a median where vehicles go in both directions. Accidents take place due to overtaking, which results in head-on collision, claiming, in many cases, the life of people in both vehicles. Some accidents happen due to high speed, while others are caused by stray camels, especially during night.

The road is not safe at all. Many Al-Ahsa residents prefer to go to the Half Moon Beach or the Dammam Beach, which takes them up to two hours instead of going to Al-Oqair Beach, which is only 45 minutes away, for fear of using the road, especially during holidays.

In 2007, eight people from one family perished on the road on the third day of Eid Al-Fitr holidays. In a major accident in 2013, on person died and 60 others seriously injured. In 2015, a man and his daughter were killed while eight others were injured. Anyone who uses the road back and forth will be lucky to escape unscathed.

A simple Google search will produce many pictures of horrible accidents on the road, most of them head-on collisions. Ironically, the word “Al-Oqair” in Arabic means a loud cry. No doubt, the road made family members of many people who used the road in the past to cry loudly after the beloved ones lost their lives to bloody accidents.