NSHR astonished at Qatar's revocation of nationality of 55 citizens


Saudi Gazette report
Riyadh -- The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) expressed astonishment at the Qatari government's withdrawal of the Qatari citizenship of Sheikh Talib Bin Muhammad Bin Lahoum Bin Shuraim and 54 others from his family and Al-Murrah tribe, including children and 18 women in a step that violates their legal rights.
These measures also violate all human rights principles and expose them to displacement in an unprecedented step the like of which the world has not seen, except what the same Qatari government did in 2005 when it caused the displacement of over 6000 of its citizens from Aal Ghufran tribe by withdrawing their citizenship without any justification or reason.

The 55 people are Qatari citizens. They have not undergone any trials but their citizenship has been withdrawn abruptly and suddenly.

They were citizens and were holding valid Qatari identity cards. Now they are displaced, stateless and without stability. They are subject to all kinds of hazards and full deprivation of the rights to get healthcare, housing, education, work, freedom of movement.

This is despite the Kingdom’s government currently providing them with all the services so that they are not harmed. This does not nullify their full right to their citizenship that cannot be revoked by any law. All their rights must be restored, the NSHR stressed.

Also, the NSHR expresses regret and denunciation of this blind random collective punishment that includes children and women, as they belong to specific families.

The NSHR stressed that the citizenship is not a passing grant, but it is an inseparable part of human rights. The NSHR urges all human rights organizations and commissions to carry out their role and follow up on the condition of these victims.