Productivity Apps: Getting things done and working efficiently with others


Dealing with emails and to-do lists don’t have to be a chore. With lots of apps to help us deal with tasks and errands on a daily basis, they can make our lives easier. While most of us deal with them on our smart devices, they are in one place but still need more organizing.

Technology can tremendously improve de-cluttering in our daily lives. Some apps can do the job of reminding you of important appointments and tasks, while others can help push your team of co-workers to work more efficiently.

Group chats and email chains can be confusing when it comes to arranging meetings or simply sending your message across.

Boosting your productivity can get things done faster, creating a work-life balance. Here are some apps to make you more productive:


Most people have gone through the pain of finding a suitable time when several people want to schedule a time to meet. This app solves the problem by simply setting up a list of possible dates and times and invites members to tick the options that work best for them. It’s hassle-free and makes it easy for each person to visually see their options and decide on the best one for all.


This app helps teams in their workflow. Tasks are categorized as “cards” and grouped into “boards”. The roles each person takes and which tasks are assigned to each are clearly presented in one screen. Individuals can comment, post links or attachments, and send notifications to keep everyone updated. It’s free and simple to use.


This app works best for group projects and teamwork. Sometimes WhatsApp groups are not enough to communicate with others and be confusing in long conversations. Slack combines instant-message and file-sharing in an easy-to-use platform.


Many productivity experts advise people to dump all their thoughts into one place as a way to think more clearly and relieve stress. This app offers a way to record all your thoughts before forgetting it by speaking, taking a photo, or writing them down. The app records the idea and immediately sends it via email. Too busy to type? The app can also transcribe audio into text.


This plugin for email allows to better organize emails by resending them at more convenient times. They can reappear in a few hours or days.


This app helps beat procrastination by using the “Pomodoro Technique” of working in 25-minute intervals with breaks in between. It plans out your day and divides it into a list of timed tasks to keep you productive. It helps to track your productivity at the end of each day, week, or month.