How to encourage the youth to work?



MANY companies say they do not have job opportunities for Saudis. In fact, they do not know how to attract Saudi employees. They are not successful because they make employees work for long hours, give low salaries, provide a poor working environment or are involved in a line of work that does not appeal to them. That is why only few people apply for such jobs.

In a YouGov survey, 47 percent of people are attracted to jobs where their achievements are appreciated, 45 percent are attracted to jobs that provide training and development opportunities, and 42 percent are lured by employment that leads to them advancing their careers. The study highlighted that most employees want their companies to help them develop their skills in the long run and make them participate in the decision-making process.

A company that wants to attract Saudis should provide jobs that offer Saudis appropriate work-life balance. Money is no longer the goal for many applicants. Saudis are not like expatriate workers who have left their countries and families. Saudis are governed by social and family circumstances that should be taken into consideration. Companies need to help Saudis find a good work-life balance.

The survey results also showed that 55 percent of employees are attracted to companies that offer bonuses while 35 percent opt for companies that offer training. Companies should focus on the incentives that simulate Saudis to join their companies and should reconsider the current incentives that are on offer.

If they want to attract Saudi employees and retain them for a long time, they should offer them jobs that provide appropriate work life balance.