Whoever says women are weak are liars



ANYONE who says that women are weak and fragile does not know a thing about women. A woman might feel sad, cry or get depressed but she never lets such things break her. She quickly stands up and starts again. It is not the case that women were born to do nothing but cry. I hate it when men describe women as human beings that enjoy nagging. Women are not like that.

The majority of men, if not all, do not know that 90 percent of women get sad because men make them feel like that, not because women are inherently grumpy. If men only cared about women and treated them better, women would not feel sad or cry. Women are not meek; they are strong and can overcome obstacles. Men have to let women be, as women can stand up and arrange their lives, which have been disrupted and destroyed by men.

I do not understand men. They get into a woman’s life, destroy it, turn it into chaos and then dare to describe women as nagging and annoying. What do men think of themselves? Do they think they are infallible? Have they forgotten that they are the main reason why most women are sad and depressed?

I urge each and every woman who is suffering because of men to stand up and forge ahead in her life and always remember that she is strong and can face any difficulty in her life. It is women who give birth to children, raise them to be good citizens and become ministers, teachers, doctors, police officers. It is women who bear the brunt of raising and taking care of children. They have big hearts.

I tell women, do not listen to the voices of men that try to bring you down and discourage you from becoming successful. Never listen to those men who try to promulgate the idea that women are meek, unimportant and dependent on men. Do not give anyone a chance to convince you that you are meek! Just ignore them because those men are losers.