Pacca Alpaca

Anamil Tech expanding presence in KSA with edutainment brand


PACCA Alpaca, a prominent pre-school edutainment brand developed by a Saudi educator, is expanding its mission in Saudi Arabia.

Anamil Tech is a Riyadh- and London-based company founded by Sarah Faisal Al-Saud.

With a PhD in Human Computer Interaction and a mother of two pre-school children, Sarah’s passion for using technology to expand children’s learning led her to create two award-winning educational apps that follow the adventures of Pacca Alpaca, a colorful character that embodies the wonder and curiosity of a pre-school child.

The apps feature hours of interactive learning in seven languages with a focus on children’s character development, social skills, resilience and critical thinking – all in the context of exploring diverse cultures.

Encouraged by multiple awards, critical acclaim and popular demand from both parents and children, Anamil Tech launched the Pacca Alpaca YouTube channel that today features hundreds of videos and millions of dedicated viewers.

“I am amazed at the success of Pacca Alpaca,” said Sarah. “It tells me there is a need and demand for educational content that explores the world from a child’s unique point of view."

Pacca Alpaca has a global following, with the US and UK accounting for over half its audience. But as a mother and Saudi citizen, Sarah’s mission is to make Pacca Alpaca a household name in Saudi Arabia.

“Educational content for our children cannot be imported,” says Sarah. “To be truly educational, content must be local in origin and sensibility. That’s why our next round of content production will focus on Arabic and Saudi culture and values.”

Anamil Tech has assembled an advisory committee of Saudi education and child development experts to help design the educational plan for the series. The committee includes top educators from Princess Nourah University, King Saud University and the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States.

“As educators, we all recognize the role digital and broadcast media play in the lives of our children,” says Sarah. “We are guided by Saudi Vision 2030 and our goal is to use all available technology to produce learning materials accessible at home, in schools, and service centers that improves children’s academic success and productivity.”

Saudi Arabia is a net importer of media content, but Sarah is working to change that. “Our country has such amazing creative talent and passionate educators. Working together we can create a media ecosystem that not only serve the needs of our children, but brings our special cultural perspective to the rest of the world.”

With the resounding success of the digital apps and YouTube channel, the next phase of Pacca Alpaca’s educational mission is to launch a television series to delight and educate Arab speaking youngsters throughout the region.

“The future of our children is the future of Saud Arabia. Our mission is to develop our children’s skills and capacities to be productive and creative members and leaders within the region and globally.” — SG