People use social media to voice their concerns


Al Madina

Previously, when people found themselves dealing with serious issues, they often struggled to share their voices with the public or complain to the authorities. However, today this is no longer the case. I am not only referring here to the various social media platforms that people can use to voice their concerns but also the willingness of many governmental authorities to listen. This includes ministers and regional emirs.

Today, members of society can and do easily raise issues that were never paid attention to before. This has resulted in the authorities paying greater attention to solving people’s issues. In fact, these issues are not between the person and the authorities only, but are also relevant to the general public. All members of society are able to follow up with such cases and demand answers from the authorities. As a result, we find many authorities nowadays quickly responding to people’s concerns before the issue gets bigger.

Some social issues such as unemployment, paying attention to recruitment, and many others are still waiting for solutions.

Society wants quick solutions to long-ignored issues especially with today’s various means of sharing opinions. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that these means include complaints as well as some positive suggestions. There are a lot of governmental as well as private entities that readily accept people’s creative suggestions and, in some cases, actually implement them.

Authorities must listen to society’s comments and choose the best so that they can study them and start interacting positively with people’s concerns.