Maestashop: A Saudi online store


Saudi entrepreneurs launched the largest online store for perfumes and beauty products in Saudi Arabia called Maestashop, an app that sells more than 7,000 products of renowned brands with competitive prices.

The store ships nationwide and receipts totaling to more SR 2,000 can be paid in installments.

The site has a “smart search” feature that not only identifies brand names but also barcodes of perfumes and makeup products.

Maestashop’s target sales are SR 7.1 million annually in addition to 10% of market value in perfumes and beauty products that exceeds SR 2 billion in Saudi Arabia.

Maestashop’s owners aim to reach their target of 25,000 products by the end of 2018 to be the number 1 store in the Middle East. The online store also aims to expand in the GCC region by 2019.