Imam University denies seizing cell phones of women students


Saudi Gazette report

— Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University in Riyadh has categorically denied reports that it was confiscating or searching the mobile phones of women students on the campus.

A statement by the head of the university’s legal department, Khaled Al-Youssif, refuted claims by some female students that their mobile phones were confiscated or searched for messages from young men while entering the campus.

“This is not true. The university does not confiscate or search the students’ smart devices,” he said, while threatening to take legal action against any media organization that circulates such false claims.

Al-Youssif also said measures against female students for not dressing modestly or keeping their hair short like men were not meant to be punitive action but were taken to maintain campus discipline.

“The violators of the dress code and hair style were not more than 0.025 percent of about 80,000 men and women students in the university,” he added.

He said the disciplinary measures taken against some female students for violations of the dress code or hairstyle were strictly confidential and were thoroughly reviewed by legal and Shariah consultants at the office of the rector before they were implemented.

Al-Youssif said students who commit minor offenses would be asked to sign affidavits never to repeat such violations.

“If violations are committed for a fifth time, it will be forwarded to the rector to impose a suitable punishment, which is mostly disciplinary,” he added.

He said the university was taking utmost care of all its students so that they would become useful citizens after graduation.

“We are preparing our students religiously, scientifically and practically and are supporting them when they face problems in their studies or behavior,” he said.

Al-Youssif asked any female student who has any complaint against any measure taken against her by the university to come and meet the rector on Sundays or Tuesdays.