Saudi youth should start their own businesses



Unemployment continues to put a lot of pressure on society. Although many of the unemployed look for work, finding a job does not guarantee that a person will not be unemployed again. Jobs help us meet our daily expenses and help us to get along. However, many of us find it difficult to save money. That is why young Saudi men and women should think seriously about starting small businesses.

While it is true that small businesses only generate small profits, they can be developed and improved and even expanded to generate high revenue if well-designed plans are put in place. Look at the successful people around the world. Most of them are self-made millionaires who started from scratch, encountered countless difficulties and overcame obstacles.

Parents should teach their children the importance of starting a small business when they grow up. We should instill this concept in their minds and ensure that they understand that a job cannot provide them with everything they need while a small business can give them a world of options, help them make a lot of money and serve society better.

I am trying to help the unemployed deal with the job market. The unemployment rate is high and jobs are scarce. There is, however, a practical solution to this and that is in starting small businesses. The relevant authorities should create an environment that helps interested Saudi youth start their own businesses. We should create opportunities and foster an atmosphere that encourages young Saudi men and women to think seriously about working for themselves.