This is our goal in education


Aljazirah Newspaper

Last month, millions of students, teachers and administrators returned to their schools. Back-to-school events are a major feature of this time of the year and everyone looks forward to it for different reasons. For instance, businessmen see this as a time to gain more profits. Psychologists consider this an important time for students and families where there is both anxiety and hope for a bright future.

As for those in charge of education, they consider the beginning of the school year to be a headache as it reminds them of inadequate school buildings, books, labs, teachers and maintenance.

However, those of us in the teaching profession aim to build our students’ personalities in such a way that they can do the following:

1. Think independently and not just copy from teachers or what they read in books.

2. Think critically.

3. Think deeply and without bias so that they can discuss subjects openly without any prejudice.

4. Only accept ideas if there is sufficient proof.

5. Form opinions based on an accumulation of hard facts.

6. Listen without bias to all speakers in a conversation.

7. Focus on an idea and not on the person who said it or the background of that person.

8. Associate with students who truly aspire to expand their knowledge.

If we truly want to reach this high level of education, I believe that we do not need to spend millions of riyals but rather need to have the true will to plan for this goal and to achieve it!