Let us be different but united



Differences are blessings in our daily life. In fact, if we were not different we would not be special. Therefore, it is difficult for all of us to agree on one thing. However, at the same time, it is also wrong to disagree on every single thing.

Criticism is what actually builds societies and leads to development. Criticism results in the creation of new ideas. However, in the Arab world we generally see that those who are criticized become furious and reject differences of opinion. We read comments that attack speakers instead of actual criticism. As a result, we need to first understand what criticism actually means and then reconsider our criticism of others.

As humans, it is natural to make mistakes. It is also normal for other people to come and correct us when we do so. Therefore, we should be humble enough to receive that advice and admit our mistakes so that we can become united.

What spoils our conversations is judging people based on a few mistakes. We consider other people as single entities and then attack them with untrue criticism. It is as if we were at war and the only way to be victorious was by attacking others. Not only that, we also have people who delve deep into your intentions and speak about you instead of with you. It is sick to use religion and patriotism in this way. As a result, we end up accusing others of things they did not even mean. Criticism is supposed to help correct mistakes and build successful nations.

If we look at sectarianism or women’s issues, for example, we can see how judgmental we can be. What is even stranger is witnessing the effects of a simple tweet on society while lectures, books and articles fail to have that impact. We also find different media using such tweets in their programs, stories and news. They resort to making up stories and looking for mistakes.

Anyone who observes us from the outside will ask why our religion contains so many positive values while our conversations have little of value. They may ask why our religion supports diversity while we do not.

If we look at Western history we can see how diversity has helped to build societies and lead to development. We would realize that criticism is effective in different societies.

We should also understand that we are presently unable to allow any domestic infighting. This is because we already have enough enemies from the outside aiming to fire us up against each other. All I am asking is that we be united and have serious values and morals while conversing with each other.