People with special needs risk discontinuation of aid


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

— The Ministry of Labor and Social Development will not offer financial assistance to people with special needs who have not updated their personal and medical information.

The ministry had asked people with special needs getting financial aid to update their information three months ago. Since the period has now ended the financial aid will be discontinued automatically via the ministry's e-portal. The ministry wanted to ensure that all people with special needs receive their rightful financial aid, it said in a statement.

With the updated medical information, the ministry will be able to provide the right aid and services in individual cases. The updated information will also help the government devise strategic developmental plans in order to offer better services in the future. The ministry also plans to further facilitate the interaction between the ministry and the financial aid recipients.

The ministry now has the technology to ensure that all registered establishments meet the ministry's regulations. The ministry aims to ensure that all establishments enjoy safe working environment and that competitions among establishments are fair and just.

Establishments have the chance to rectify their status with the ministry. The rectification period started two weeks ago and will end in two weeks.

The ministry will contact establishments that need to rectify their status. Establishments that fail to rectify their status will have services disabled for them. The rectification process is done through the ministry's e-portal. Therefore, companies and establishments practicing an activity different from what is stated in the company's commercial record have a chance to rectify their commercial information to match their actual activity and type of service.