KBNCE lauds Dr. Hussaini on receiving Rajyotsava Award


JEDDAH — Members of the KBN College of Engineering Gulbarga Alumni Jeddah Chapter congratulated the President of Khaja Education Society Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini on receiving prestigious Rajyotsava Award for excellence in education by the government of Karnataka.

Syed Nasir Khursheed, president of the alumni, expressed his happiness and congratulated Dr. Hussaini on receiving such a respectable award from the government of Karnataka. “Surely doors of success have opened for the future for we may soon hear that KBNCE has been accorded the autonomous status,” he said.

“It is time to celebrate the achievement. I thank Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddharamayya for honoring Dr. Hussaini with the Rajyotsava award to a great educationist who has enlightened the lamp of education in the Hyderabad Karnataka region.

Vice President Saleh Bin Ali said though it was late but the government of Karnataka has realized and recognized the social services of Dr. Hussaini as an educationist. He is successfully managing medical and engineering colleges with dedication. Dr. Hussaini is one of those pioneers who recognized the critical role of education in the empowerment of the community at a very tough time when education was not affordable in other institutions.

Syed Mohiuddin, general secretary, described Dr. Hussaini as Sir Syed of Deccan in the current era and said he deserved to receive this prestigious award. He added, the Khaja education society is doing an amazing job in the field of education specially providing education to girls through women’s colleges.

Chief Coordinator Mohammed Yahiya said we should appreciate the two generations of this family as Janab Syed Shah Mohammed Hussaini worked very hard to establish education institutions in Gulbarga and his son Dr. Hussaini has continued his efforts to maintain the legacy.

Coordinator Amjad Ali said, Dr. Hussain has worked hard for the sole purpose of boosting education and deserves to be acknowledged and recognized. He has established institutions for education from primary level to professional courses where poor students are helped financially.

Syed Khutubuddin, IT coordinator, said, education is a powerful weapon, which can be used to change the world. Education needs zeal, passion and commitment for success. He said, “As an alumnus of KBNCE, I feel pride that our president has been honored and awarded with this prestigious award.”

Abubakr Bin Hussain, treasurer of the group, delivered the vote of thanks in which he expressed deep sense of appreciation towards all the members for attending this meeting and making it successful. He also appreciated the views expressed by the members on Dr. Hussaini. He said, “Dedication and hard work has been finally recognized and many more success stories are yet to come.”