Shoura Council approves amending anti-cybercrimes regulation


Saudi Gazette report

– The Shoura Council has approved amending the Anti-cybercrimes Regulation issued according to the royal decree dated March 27, 2007, Saudi Press Agency said Tuesday.

The decision came during the Shoura Council ordinary session chaired by Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Al Asheikh, speaker of the Shoura Council.

The anti-cybercrimes regulation is made up of 16 articles. Its objective is to put a limit to cybercrimes.

The Council also approved introducing a new article in the Civil Defense regulation such that reckless persons are punished for their rash actions during bad climatic conditions.

The new article aims to protect people’s lives and properties by imposing deterrent penalties on reckless persons who put their lives and that of others in danger during disasters.

Those who are exempt from these penalties are Civil Defense personnel and volunteers.