Arab League communique condemns Iranian meddling in the region

A general view of the Arab League headquarters during a meeting in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Sunday. Arab foreign ministers gathered in Cairo at Saudi Arabia's request for an extraordinary meeting to discuss violations committed by Iran in the region. — AFP

Saudi Gazette report

CAIRO – The Arab League strongly condemned the targeting of Riyadh by an Iranian-made ballistic missile from Yemeni territories by Houthi-Saleh militias.

It considered this a blatant aggression against Saudi Arabia and a threat to Arab security.

This came in the communique following an emergency meeting on Sunday of Arab League foreign ministers called to discuss the Iranian threats to the countries of the region.

The communique confirmed the Kingdom’s right to defend its territories as stipulated by Article 51 of UN Charter. It expressed support for the measures decided to be taken against Iranian violations within the context of international legitimacy.

It condemned all terrorist acts being carried by Iran in Bahrain. The Arab League supported all Bahraini measures and steps to combat terror and terrorist groups and protect its security and stability.

Condemned Iranian policy in continuously meddling in the Arab affairs and feeding sectarian strife and conflicts, the communique said that Iran should refrain from supporting such groups and inciting conflicts, especially in Yemen.

The communique blamed the terrorist Hezbollah organization, a partner in the Lebanese government, as responsible for supporting terrorism and terrorist groups in Arab countries with sophisticated weapons and ballistic missiles.

The Arab League countries decided to ban Iranian funded satellite channels that transmit via Arab satellites.

The AL Council assigned the Arab group in New York to explain the Iranian violations of UN Security Council resolution 2231.