PRC felicitates FOH President Jangda


Saudi Gazette

— The Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) felicitated Ahmed Karim Jangda President of Friends of Humanity (FOH ) at Hyatt Continental hotel here.

Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi, former Saudi diplomat, Hamid Islam Khan deputy convener PRC, Shamsuddin Altaf, Syed Ghazanfar Hassan and Zakeer Bhatti attended the meeting.

The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an by Faisal Moeen and was conducted by Mohammad Amanatullah.

Jangda gave details of FOH activities for stranded Pakistanis in camps in Bangladesh. He said FOH was established in Chicago, US, in 2005 with him as president and Syed Ehtisham Uddin Arshad as general secretary. It’s main objective is to extend welfare support to Pakistanis languishing in Bangladesh since 1971.

He said, “The FOH is registered in US as a non-profit, non-political organisation with head office in US and a registered branch office in Dhaka, Bangladesh so all income is tax free and fully audited on yearly basis. It has established 5 schools, 3 coaching centers for over 650 students in different camps. It is also assisting in rebuilding huts, water supply, toilets and sanitary system to improve hygienic condition of camp dwellers. In addition to education we extend subsistence allowances, sewing machines, computers etc. to over 3,000 needy families in different camps.”

Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi praised Jangda and his team for doing a noble act of helping destitute patriotic Pakistanis living in miserable condition in Bangladesh for over 46 years. He said he had opportunity to visit the camps and witnessed their pathetic condition in several camps in Dhaka.

He said, “FOH’s work is highly commendable but we must look for a permanent solution which is their repatriation to Pakistan for which they actively participated in the Pakistan movement with Quaid-e-Azam, migrated in 1947 to the eastern wing and again sided with the Pakistan army in 1971 war with India. It is the obligation of Pakistan to repatriate them with respect and honor.”

In this regard, Bangladesh should also extend humanitarian treatment to those Pakistanis living in camps. There are over a million Bangladeshis living in Pakistan as normal citizens then why aren’t these Pakistanis allowed essentials of life i.e. education; health care; employment; basic living etc., he added.

PRC convener Syed Ehsan-ul-Haque thanked Jangda. He appreciated the role of IIRO, IDB, FOH, OBAT Helpers, MWDO, Nawai Waqt Fund and other organizations, who have been extending help to those Pakistanis who are living in inhuman condition in Bangladeshi camps since 1971.

He also requested organizations like Eidhi Trust, Al-Khidmat and other Pakistani groups to come forward to help their brethren in need in Bangladeshi camps.

Shamsuddin Altaf made prayer for safety, security, integrity and solidarity of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He also prayed for betterment of oppressed people of Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Kashmir, Myanmar and stranded Pakistanis.