Prince among 5 detained for fight in Riyadh


By Mansoor Al-Shehri

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Riyadh — Five people, including a prince, were arrested by Riyadh region police for involvement in a fight in front of a school in northern Riyadh.

Four of those arrested are Saudis and one is a Sudanese expatriate.

The prince’s companion brandished a machinegun in front of several people.

The two later left in a car which had no number plate.

The fight was due to some previous differences between two groups involved in the fight, spokesman of Riyadh region police Col. Fawaz Al-Maiman said in a statement on Wednesday.

The police were able to identify those involved in the fight, said Al-Maiman, adding that the machinegun has been seized.

The authorities are continuing to detain anyone connected with the case.

The attorney general’s Riyadh region office has been informed about the incident, Al-Maiman said.