Jeddah drainage network again fails


Saudi Gazette report

— The municipality in Jeddah is under fire for once again failing to quickly drain water from streets after Tuesday’s rainfall.

One person in Jeddah died when the ceiling of his house fell on his head.

Three others, who were with him in the house, were rescued, according to Col. Saeed Bin Sarhan, spokesman of the Civil Defense in Makkah province.

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority said that seven people were electrocuted. Two of them —a Bangladeshi expatriate and a young Somali boy — died.

Jeddah Mayor Hani Abu Ras faced criticism on social media on the failure of the rainwater drainage projects.

Attorney General Sheikh Saud Bin Abdullah Al-Muajab issued directives to the head of the Public Prosecution in Makkah region and the head of Jeddah Circuit and all the branches of Public Prosecution in all regions authorizing them to arrest and investigate anyone holding any post.

These directives by the Attorney General follow the heavy rainfall in Jeddah and other governorates and regions of the Kingdom.

“The municipality’s promises are no more than ink on paper,” a Jeddah resident said without identifying himself.

He said the projects implemented by the Makkah governorate to protect Jeddah from floods worked out quite well, but the rainwater drainage projects implemented by the municipality had failed resulting in water accumulation on many streets.

A municipality source said water drainage projects in the city have not been completed. The drainage network covers only 30 percent of city.

Meanwhile, spokesman of insurance companies Adil Al-Issa said vehicles having a third party insurance are not insured against damages or total loss resulting from rain or floods.

“Only vehicles with comprehensive insurance are covered for total loss,” he added.