140kph speed limit on highways under consideration


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Ministry of Interior is formulating new traffic rules and regulations and working to develop the existing traffic plan relying on new technology to be in line with the latest developments.

This was announced at a press conference attended by five leading officials of the Ministry of Interior here on Wednesday.

Security Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Maj. Mansour Al-Turki lauded the efforts of the Traffic Department and the Road Security Command to reconsider the speed limit on expressways and raise it to 140 kph.

Maj. Gen. Bassam Al- Atiyah, a senior official in the Ministry of Interior, said the need for a new traffic plan arises due to the increase in population and infrastructure and road projects.

He emphasized that driving schools should be in conformity with public safety programs.

Brig. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami, director of the Traffic Department, said new traffic plan will be announced in the coming few months.

He said the new traffic plan is based on several pillars, beginning with revising and updating the existing strategic plan so that it is in conformity with the National Transformation Program (NTP).

He said the Department is studying reconsidering the level of fines and violations including the violations affecting public safety.

Al-Bassami stressed on improving driving schools. At present the regulations, bylaws and technical specifications of driving schools are being studied.

The new traffic plan also focuses on expanding monitoring systems. The statistics and figures collected in the previous years confirm the need for updating and developing the traffic plan. The new systems will be based on CCTV technology, he said.