Hankook Racing Team launches a new safe driving campaign


CAPTAIN Saeed Al Mouri, leader of "Hankook Racing Team", which is sponsored and supported by Bin Shihon Group, exclusive dealer for Hankook Tires in Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of a new safe driving awareness campaign mainly aimed to educate college students in particular, and young people in general.

The campaign is also to engage the community and help change unsafe driving behavior on the roads, as well as the need to abide by traffic rules and regulations. This campaign coincides with the royal decree to allow women to drive, so as to promote awareness of sharing road among motorists and giving traffic precedence.

This campaign comes within Hankook Racing Team social responsibility activities, where the team is very keen to be part of the social scene; as they do on car racing circuits and raceways. It comes, as well, as the culmination of the team's success in attaining many achievements during the last season, where the team won first and second places in the first Bah Hill Climbing Challenge in rear-driving cars and front-driving cars categories respectively, and won the first place in Asir Rally, in addition to lots of car races in Saudi Arabia.

Noting that this safe driving awareness campaign of Hankook Racing Team is a complement to a similar campaign conducted last year, where the team shared a number of university students in conducting of car races in a safe environment, this year, the effort aspires to educate students on the importance of compliance with traffic rules and proper driving rules to make roads safer for all users.

The campaign also includes presenting lectures, reinforcing the drive safety messages and important tips about proper driving, and how to behave under various driving conditions, plus some driving competitions to assess students ' driving skills, in addition to briefing the students about professional driving.

On this occasion, Saeed Al Mouri, captain of Hankook Racing Team, commented: "Our goal is to be the racing team that youth take as their role model, and spur them to drive properly. We constantly endeavor to encourage safe driving concept for all road users, including motorists, passengers and pedestrians. We, as well, are very keen to encourage safe driving, induce compliance with traffic rules and abandon of irresponsible driving."

Al Mouri also owed the great achievements of the team to the unlimited support of Bin Shihon Group and Hankook Tires, and confirmed that Hankook Racing Team members use Hankook tires for their racing and private cars, which has had a strong impact on their distinctiveness. – SG