Jumoum residents await deputy emir to present demands

Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar to begin tour of governorates today


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — Deputy Emir of Makkah Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar will tour a number of regions in the province including Bahra and Jumoum on Monday to meet with the residents, review services and follow up the implementation of a number of development projects.

Talking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, a number of residents in Jumoum hoped the prince’s visit would expedite the completion of several development projects including the general hospital, which has been faltering for many years.

“The hospital itself is sick and needs treatment. It has been on hold for more than four years,” said a resident, who did not want to be identified.

The residents also called for redirecting heavy trucks passing through their city because they damage the roads. They also called for finding a solution to the many bridges that were blocking access to a number of roads leading to various areas in the governorate.

The residents called for measures to make use of the old police headquarters building, which has been evacuated more than four years ago when the police headquarters was moved to a new building.

Omar Al-Harbe, Omar Faraj and Hameed Al-Bishri, three Saudis living in the area, said the old police building was occupying a large space on the main road and could be utilized for commercial markets, family restaurants or a public park.

They said the construction of the central fruit and vegetables market had faltered for more than two years after completing about 50 percent of it.

Hani Al-Barakati and Abdullah Al-Sharif called for competing the water network and the sewage projects and said the old houses have water supply while the new ones are not connected to the network.