Fires in homes are on the increase


Al-Riyadh Newspaper

The number of fires in homes is increasing at an alarming rate. We often read about lives that have been lost due to such fires. This is a catastrophe in the full sense of the word. The authorities should study the causes of fires in homes and find solutions to this problem that continues to kill innocent people.

Most fires in homes occur because of electric short circuits or poor appliances that do not meet basic safety standards. The Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Customs and the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization are responsible for ensuring counterfeit electric products are not offered for sale in the Kingdom. Nevertheless, bogus electric products continue to be sold in broad daylight.

Civil Defense inspects and monitors fire and safety in commercial buildings, but does not inspect residential buildings to ensure that they meet safety requirements. This is because Civil Defense does not have enough resources to inspect residential buildings. This matter should be reconsidered in light of the increasing number of fires in homes. Civil Defense should monitor all residential buildings, ensuring that fires are prevented.

The Anti Commercial Fraud Law stipulates that the Minister of Commerce should appoint an inspector to monitor and control commercial fraud. The law stipulates that 25 percent of fines imposed on fraudsters will be awarded to anyone who aids the authorities in monitoring violations.

Article 15 of the law stipulates: “The seller, whomever the product is distributed to on his behalf, managers of companies, cooperatives and establishments as well as shops shall be held liable for all violations of the provisions of this law, and each shall be subject to the penalties prescribed for violators. If any of them proves that the violation is due to reasons beyond his control, the penalty shall be inflicted solely on the violator.”

Article 22 gives the right to the party who has sustained any damage because of the use of fake electric products to file for compensation and bring a lawsuit against the business or company that sold them the fake product.

I should emphasize that some of the blame should also be placed on people who buy these products and use them at home.