Heavy fine for tampering with public utilities at waterfront

120 high-tech cameras installed for Jeddah beach surveillance


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — The competent authorities have made it clear that they will not be lenient in applying prescribed penalties against vandals who damage public utilities at the newly opened Jeddah Waterfront.

Any offenders will be summoned to receive the prescribed penalties following orders issued to this effect by the provincial emirate and the governorate of Jeddah.

Source pointed out that an integrated surveillance network of 120 high-tech cameras with face recognition technology would regularly monitor the beachfront and hold accountable anyone found misusing the facilities and the public utilities.

These cameras are connected to the control rooms of the public security agencies as well as the municipality to help the officers identify any offenders, they said.

The sources pointed out that the minimum fine for any act that damage the public utilities at the site is SR200, while it can go up to a maximum of SR5,000.

According to the regulations, all violators will be held accountable for their action. Those who cut the lighting pole cables will be fined between SR3,000 and SR5,000, and the damaged light will be repaired at the expense of the perpetrator.

In cases of causing damage to the sidewalks, streetlights or landmarks, the violators shall be fined SR500 to SR1,000, in addition to the cost of repair.

Fines for the destruction of the greenery, destruction of cages that protect plants, tampering with public parks and causing damage to palm trees or any other trees are punishable by a fine of between SR200 and SR1,000.

The law has provision to apply more than one fine specified in the list of penalties attached to the regulation on a single violator if he commits multiple misdemeanors.