Germany, Saudi Arabia collaboration scales new heights


Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — King Fahd Library, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Diplomatic Quarter, the Holy Places of Makkah, Financial District — the list how German Art of Engineering and Architecture contributes to the landscape of Saudi Arabia seems to be unlimited, outlined Philipp Schönbrunn-Knappmann, head of the economics section of the German Embassy here, at the “The Art of Civil Engineering and Architecture - Made in Baden-Wurttemberg” conference in Riyadh to discuss future opportunities and ways of collaboration.

These are reasons enough to continue and intensify the cooperation between the Kingdom and Germany in a number of various sectors. The collaboration between the two advanced countries dates back to almost four decades ago. The engagement of engineers and architects from Germany and especially Baden-Wurttemberg is an excellent example of how active the cooperation is. In a further step taken to enhance this cooperation, the Baden-Wurttemberg Chamber of Engineers visited Riyadh, he added.

“Our engagement in the Kingdom is serious and outstanding. We intend to continue and intensify this relationship. We have been sharing our areas of success with the Kingdom. Our companies have been providing highly professionally best architects and engineers to collaborate with our Saudi partners in drawing the map for great infrastructure, design, research, construction, and engineering highly sophisticated projects.”

“The history of success stories of German engineers and architects in the Kingdom has a long list of examples such as King Fahd National Library, station planning projects in Makkah. Our areas of cooperation extend to cover machinery manufactures serving the country in the medical field, processing, and packaging machines, and electronic equipment,” said Schönbrunn-Knappmann.

He continued that the Vision 2030 is an ambitious blueprint for the reform of the society, and especially towards a modern society and diversified economy “that is not a resource-based but knowledge-based.”

“Germany is by the side of the Kingdom when it comes to supporting our key partners in the region to manage change. Two of the pillars of the Vision 2030 are a vibrant society and a thriving economy. The backbone of modern society diversified economy is the state of art and civil engineering which allow companies and citizens to strive and prosper. The Kingdom guarantees good future for its citizens. We want to work hand in hand to be part of the impeccable transformation going in the Kingdom,” he added.

Daniel Sander, CEO of the Baden-Wurttemberg Chamber of Engineers and the head of the delegation, said the German delegation has high representatives and senior officials from about 15 companies from the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, and “a lot of our members have business projects here in the Kingdom. That makes us look forward to enhancing this relationship.”

“We will have a presence in the project of NEOM. We are here for talks and B2B meetings to discuss future plans. We are highly expertise in art and infrastructure and we are gladly sharing our experience,” he told Saudi Gazette.

There are auspicious signs that the contribution list of German engineers and architectures will increase also in the upcoming decades and shape the Kingdom’s future landscape in an extraordinary way.