Vision 2030 ‘perfect timing for personal development’


Saudi Gazette

— “It is the perfect timing for personal development,” Masters Legacy, a Saudi company that is specialized in training HR consultants, said at the opening of its forum entitled “Empowerment and leading - Birkman” at King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue on Dec. 3-5. The gathering provides sessions and workshops on self-awareness, productivity and success stories from Birkman consultants who have been gaining successes in helping individuals and enriching their lives.

“We said it is the perfect time for personal development, because a crucial part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is to have highly productive society armed with the right qualifications and skill set.

“This is what we do with Birkman, an American assessment tool used in many areas, including family counseling, coaching, personal developments, advising students to help them chose their majors, and at a professional level such as hiring the right candidates in the right positions which helps companies save money and effort, reduce turnover, and raising productivity of the employees, promoting, training analysis, and redeploying,” Mohanad Magid, Managing Partner of Masters Legacy, told Saudi Gazette.

Since they started in the Kingdom in 2014, there were challenges in encouraging people and employees to undergo the Birkman assessment and in certifying consultants as well. “However, now we have over 250 Saudis who are certified as consultants, some of them in family counseling and coaching while others are in education and HR. They are helping people in analyzing their reports. There are demands on a daily basis,” Majid commented.

“We had cooperation with one of the big Saudi private schools which asked us to certify consultants there, then after we trained and certified coaches, they have helped more than 500 female students in choosing their university majors. We got awesome feedback from their families,” he added.

Self awareness can help individuals a lot in choosing their right major who can save effort and raise one joy of what she-he studies, choosing the right job, having a clear vision, choosing the right partner and understanding others.

“Birkman assessment and then having sessions with our consultants can also help married couple to understand themselves and each other, we can conduct it on a husband and a wife, then we generate a report. Lots of divorced couples got back after Birkman. Once someone takes the Birkaman, consultants can generate more than 60 reports,” he clarified.

Speaking of the clients’ experience, Majid said: “One mother called me once to ask “where were you three years ago?”, because her son kept transferring from one college to another thinking that he was a loser. But when he conducted the Birkman and we gave him recommendations of the majors that suit him, then he chose law and graduated from the college.