Unemployed in Jeddah but works in Hafr Al-Batin!


Al-Riyadh newspaper

THE title may seem weird or a fantasy. In fact, before we delve into its details, we must thank all those who contributed to the plot of this story. The story is a great example for those who criticize our talents in their stories or created scenarios that if Woody Allen hears them he will be amazed. Undoubtedly, Hollywood will reconsider its viewpoint and we will be under their eyes, so I saw that we do justice to ourselves, and this time away from self beating before we get to the real story. A question may persist after reading the title: How did an unemployed person start working? In fact, this is not just verbal manipulation, but as we have seen by unemployed employees (convincing unemployment) it is no surprise that the opposite happens!

The story took place when the husband of this sister went to the Civil Status offices in Jeddah — not for the purpose of looking for a job for his wife, of course — and here he was led by coincidence to ask for a printout only to discover that his unemployed wife for years is actually a government employee in the education department of Hafr Al-Batin since 1434 Hijra year — almost five years. He tried to contain his shock and asked for more details. However, the civil status told him that on 15/3/1434 his wife's career had been changed to a government employee with the education department of Hafr Al-Batin. They refused to answer the rest of the questions and asked him to go to the department for details. He went to the department and there another printout of the Fares System matched the printout from the civil status, but added that she was appointed on the fifth level since the day her profession was modified.

If the author of the story will go to competent authorities, he will certainly get justice. But many questions arise from this story, in detail (where the devil is there), which makes you rule out the usual mistake, even if you try to overlook and modify your intentions. Do we tell people in line at the civil status: don't wait until your names are announced, go and investigate yourselves public bodies print out, because maybe you're about to retire! Now the role of the concerned ministries is to restore confidence to the people, especially since this story is no longer an individual case, but recently several stories have emerged with few variations in details. What matters is to talk about these errors — adding that these are unforgivable mistakes — but what is needed now is not to allow them to happen in future. At least not to allow corruption to collide more with the unemployment index.