Hiring is not enough!


Al-Madina newspaper

MANY countries struggle with unemployment problem. In fact, it has become an economic phenomenon in a lot of countries. However, in the Kingdom, the reasons for unemployment are actually obvious. Some of them include the demographics of Saudi Arabia wherein the total number of the Kingdom’s population is around 30 million. One-third of the population is the expatriates who make around 8 million and with their companions, they make almost 10 million. That leaves the Saudi population at 20 million. Not only that but there are no qualifications or educational training that fits with the labor market especially within the private agencies. In addition to the restrictions on some of the private agencies’ activities that affects employment negatively. Moreover, the latest economical situations played a major role in delaying some of the governmental projects.

Some people believe that to combat unemployment they just need to hire the unemployed. The problem is the word ‘unemployment’ in our society became associated with only limited jobs that the labor market offers. Nevertheless, I believe that such association should be taken into consideration. If we want to combat unemployment then it is not only about finding a job; it is actually to provide more various job opportunities. Opportunities are not only restricted to certain jobs but to anything the workers could do with dignity and satisfaction that would provide them with some good income. Not only that but to do anything that would kill their free time and support their own country.

Recently, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development announced seven initiatives which include increasing Saudization percentage in jobs, developing the labor market, enabling Saudi females and males, and providing them with more job opportunities in various comfortable working environments. The initiatives also include a special program to provide freelancing and part-time jobs.

The ministry announced that the number of Saudi females and males enrolled in the labor market during September and October is more than 64,000.

These kinds of initiatives are hopefully going to end unemployment because they not only focus only on finding jobs but also on providing various opportunities such as freelancing and part-time jobs. All these kinds of jobs are going to increase the number of workers and eventually end this struggle once and for all.