85 inspection teams ensure adherence to Saudization of gold shops


Saudi Gazette

— The Ministry of Labor and Social Development said Monday that it has sent 85 inspection teams to different regions of the Kingdom to ensure implementation of Saudization at gold and jewelry shops.

This move is supported by “Saudizing regions program” implemented by the ministry in cooperation with the ministries of interior, municipal and rural affairs, trade and investment, regional governorates, national security and the Passport Department.

Khalid Aba Al-Khail, spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, noted that each of the 85 inspection teams has 6 to 7 members from the Ministry of Labor joined by officials from other government departments. The inspection teams tour around commercial centers, malls and public markets and they document violations.

Aba Al-Khail called on informing the ministry about any violation by contacting 19911.

The aim of the “Saudizing regions program” is to engage young Saudis in the local market and provide them with suitable and stable job environments in addition to encouraging local businesses to implement Saudization.

The inspection teams in Makkah conducted 252 tours and documented 22 violations and closed down 37 violating shops. Meanwhile, the initial inspection tours in Madinah have toured around two shopping markets, visited 53 shops, closed down 4 violating shops and specified a fine on one violating shop.

In Taif, the inspection teams visited 48 shops 13 of which were violating. In Asir region, inspectors visited 105 shops, 34 of which were closed while 71 were operating. They had 106 employees, 13 graduates and a son of a Saudi woman while no violations were documented.

In a previous statement, Aba Al-Khail said they have over 6,000 ministry inspectors who joined the campaign to Saudize gold shops. He noted that they are serious about implementing Saudization in this sector as it will provide between 15,000 and 20,000 jobs to locals noting that expatriates are dominating this sector and are benefiting from its revenues.

The official added that they have trained 45,000 Saudis for sales and so they can join the market.

Each violation of the Saudization would result in a fine of SR20,000 while any cover-up business will be fined SR1 million. It is anticipated that between 30 to 40% of the shops are closed now in fear of documenting violations.