Medical tourism, other investments await Saudi investors in Tajikistan


Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Olimzoda Nasim Khoja, minister of health and social protection of population in Tajikistan, said their country is keen to collaborate with Saudi Arabia in the health sector. Tajikistan can provide health specialists to Saudi Arabia and may offer different opportunities for kidney transplant and lever treatment as well as medical tourism, he said. In return, his country is still in need for exchanging experience and is in need for advanced medical equipment, he added.

He told Saudi Gazette that a kidney transplant costs between $8,000 and $9,000 in his county for the two people involved in the operation. He noted that the donor must be a relative of the patient and the two must declare their acceptance to undergo the operation and need to provide the required medical tests. He noted that they have surpassed neighboring countries in these operations with about 200 operations done annually for visitors from other countries.

He further said Tajikistan has various investment opportunities for Saudis who may get their visa with 24 hours and can invest either on their own or with partnership with locals in the medical sector. He added that in the medical field, there are investments from China, India and Russia with increasing interest in medical tourism from Europeans. He added that his state may offer a chance for Saudi students who want to major in medicine as they have students from 20 different countries who join their medical university and whose certificates are recognized worldwide.

During a meeting between the Tajikistan delegation and Saudi businessmen in the health sector at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, the two parties suggested the creation of a medical institute at Tajikistan that is capable of graduating qualified medical specialists who can join the Saudi market after getting the qualification and languages needed. The two parties also agreed to create a high committee from both sides to introduce the different investment opportunities. In addition they also discussed ways in which the Saudi part can provide operations for needed people in Tajikistan.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tajikistan to Saudi Arabia Qosim Zarobiddin announced that arrangements are almost finalized to start a direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Tajikistan which will boost investment and travel between the two nations. He said that they are opting to enhance cooperation between the two countries by increasing the activities of the commercial attache. He added that they welcome the different Saudi proposals to enhance cooperation on different levels, particularly the health and tourism sectors.

Saleh Tawi from the Saudi part noted that that after his visit to Tajikistan, he has realized that many opportunities are there for Saudis. He said in the meeting that there is a need to create a joint committee that includes top officials to ease restrictions, help Saudi investors, arrange for visits and serve as a body that links between the two parities.