Al-Kokhn wins third round of the Saudi Star Drift 2017

AL-AHSA — In an exciting atmosphere and a crowd of over 6,000 young motorcyclists in the Kingdom, the third round of the Saudi Arabia Saudi Star Drift Championship 2017 hosted by the Al Ahsa Municipality ended with Mohammed Al-Kokhn winning the event at the King Abdullah Adventure Park in Jabal Al-Shoha.

The tour witnessed strong competition between the contestants and will be competing for the championship title in the closing final that will be held in Jeddah city. After the first three rounds, competition in the final round is expected to be keen.

The tour is gaining popularity in the Kingdom folling its inception four years ago, with more drivers entering the fray and competition for the championship getting keener. The winner of the third edition was Mohammed Al-Kokhn (74.39), while Rabie Al-Aour (74.30) was second with 74.30 and in third place was Khalid Al-Zaid with 74.16 points.

Jeddah, meanwhile, is preparing to host the fourth and final round at the Jeddah International Exhibition Center on Thursday and Friday Dec. 20-21. In the Nissan category, the winner was Tamer Al-Issa with a score of 53.15.

The tournament organizer Abdullah Bakhshab expressed deep thanks to Prince Badr Bin Mohammed Bin Jalawi Al Saud, governor of Al Ahsa Province, for his great support for the sport. He also thanked the Secretary of the Municipality of Al Ahsa, Engineer Adel Al Melhem and Col. Saleh Al Qassim, for their support and great contribution in the preparation and provision of all the requirements of this tournament.

Bakhshab said: "We have succeeded in transferring this sport from the stage of hobby on the public roads to the level of races that qualify the practitioners to enter world races. God willing, the creativity, enthusiasm and excitement of this round, especially since young Ahsa proved their worth since once again, would be stage for further exciting races. We are delighted with the great successes and we wish the winners who have qualified from this round to race in the final round in Jeddah."

Bader Al-Houssami, CEO Nissan Saudi Arabia, said: "The third round of this tournament has been successful in terms of youth participation and public participation, and we are delighted to have such a strong presence in all its rounds. Before the organizers and sponsors, which is consistent with the aspirations of the drivers and aspirations of lovers of this sport in the Kingdom we reiterate again and again our continued support for the Saudi youth in this sport, and look forward to the grand tour that will be held in Jeddah, God willing.”

The championship is sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF) and sponsored by Nissan Saudi Arabia, the official sponsor of the championship, Total Saudi Arabia, Radio Alif Alif, and the organization of motor sports developer in Saudi Arabia Captain Abdullah Bakhshab. — SG