CITC addressing Internet speed issues


Saudi Gazette

— Internet users in Saudi Arabia will enjoy greater rights on connection speeds with the Kingdom’s telecommunication regulatory authority emphasizing upon the need by users to check the quality of service.

Any user through smart phone or computer device can measure the connection speed and lodge a complaint against the service provider. The results of service performance will be made to public periodically.

The new measure will end mismatch between what is advertised by telecom service providers and the actual connection speed customers receive.

The telecom companies have been continuously increasing their broadband and mobile net connectivity, but in some cases the users experience lower speeds than what they pay due to hidden practices such as the fair usage policy that restrict usage of data after exceeding certain limit, which the customer is not aware of. However, the authorities have successfully ended this fraudulent practice and brought transparency in the fair usage policy.

Grievances persisted about the lack of technology, namely optical fiber deployment in all areas. The service over old copper-based phone lines has been deficient since the buildings were located far away from the local exchange that often receive lower speeds.

The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) launched Internet Quality of Experience Management Platform in order to provide Internet users in Kingdom with reliable and accurate data concerning broadband and mobile Internet services.

The CITC has launched MEQYAS program to enhance transparency along with competition among service providers to offer better service to the public.

The speed measurement app MEQAS, developed by CITC, can download from the Apple store for IOS users and Google Play store for Android users.

Also, web browser test allows measuring the Internet performance. The URL is

“We have partnered with Samknows to implement and operate the measurement platform using world-class technologies and tools,” said a statement issued by the CITC.

The CITC also launched customer satisfactory measures where the customer has guaranteed some rights on service level. It also shut down some offices of leading telecom companies for failing to comply with the requirements.

According to a report, 43.63 million mobile subscriptions and 24 million data users and 3.75 million landlines exist in the Kingdom.