Adam’s Angels, Jeddah United Hitters-UGAFCO champs in PAL-Pepsi Kalayaan Volleyball Cup



JEDDAH — Adam’s Angels emerged as the new women’s champion and Jeddah United Hitters-UGAFCO extended their reign to a third time in a row during the finals of the PAL-Pepsi Kalayaan Volleyball Cup 4th Conference at the Trio Ranch & Country Club on the outskirts of Jeddah.

The Angels wrested the crown from defending women’s champion International Medical Center (IMC) by winning their final match that went to four sets 12-25, 25-21, 25-23, 25-23.

While IMC lost its grip on the title Jeddah United Hitters in contrast kept the men’s crown. And it was not even close as JU Hitters-UGAFCO rolled to a straight sets 25-19, 25-23, 25-22 victory over Virgin Tomodachi.

The awarding/closing ceremonies followed the championship matches in the tournament that ran for eight weeks.

Awarded with major prizes were: Champion Jeddah United Hitters-UGAFCO (men’s division) Adam’s Angels (women’s division), 1st runner-up Virgin Tomodachi (men’s division) KFAFH-Virgin Tomodachi (women’s division), 2nd runner-up Saudi German Hospital (men’s division) KFFH-Virgin Tomodachi (women’s division), 3rd runner-up Jeddah Blue Spikers (men’s division) KAMC Kuliters (women’s division) 4th runner-up IMC (men’s division) Makkah Terminators (women’s division).

Individual awards: Best Spiker Montasir Moamenah (JUH-UGAFCO) men’s division Karen Diopenes (IMC) women’s division, Best Setter Leo Alcovendas (JUH-UGAFCO) men’s division Aicon Pretal (Adams’s Angels) women’s division, Best Server Ramzen Mijarez (Tomodachi) men’s division Benelyn Valida (KAMC Kuliters) women’s division, Best Receiver Mark Ogues (Tomodachi) men’s division, Jeramie Mendoza (SGH) women’s division, Best in Defense Clarence Jason Martin (Tomodachi) men’s division Genelyn Vallejera (IMC) women’s division, Best Blocker Murad Khan (JUH-UGAFCO) men’s division Marycar Joyce Duenos (Adam’s Angel) women’s division, Best Libero Gray Follosco (Tomodachi) men’s division Merissa Villaceron (IMC) women’s division, Best Opposite Spiker Viel Christopher Oniel (JUH-UGAFCO) men’s division Michelle Jereza (Adams Angels) women’s division, Conference Rookie Nelson Pen (Tomodachi) Fatima Hatalan (Makkah Terminators), Final MVPs Leo Alcovendas (Juh-Ugafco) and Holy Ann Gonzales (Adams Angels), Best Manager Usop Abinal (Saudi German Hospital) Jingle Capillanes (Saudi German Hospital), Best Coach Jojo Louie Dillera (JUH-UGAFCO), Pat Cecillo (Adam's Angels), Sportsmanship Award Saudi German Hospital Makkah Terminators, Conference MVP Murad Khan (JUH-UGAFCO) Michelle Jereza (Adams Angels).

Special Awards: Triple J's Most Promising Player Randy Macatiguib (JUH-UGAFCO) and Elvie Ramas Tipalan (IMC), Pepsi Most Spectacular Player Montasir Moamenah and Karen Diopenes, PAL Most Improved Player Montasir Moamenah Michelle Jereza (Adam's Angels).

A big success, the tournament was a project of Dreamstar Productions for Sports & Events under the leadership of Al Moran Bacleon, with support from sponsors PAL, SMDC, OSN, Nascol Supplies Co., Pepsi Cola, NWorld, Sky Freight Forwarders, Indomie, Giordano and Baytoti.

The Kalayaan Volleyball Cup committee thanked Trio Ranch & Country Club Manager Antonio Peruzzi and Trio Ranch management for their generous support to the tournament.

In charge of the organizing committee was Event Planner/Tournament Organizer Maki de Guzman. Helping de Guzman in the committee were: Finance Office, Joey Villanueva, Admin & Technical teams: Daisy Ringpis, Janette Calica, Janet Cupcupin, Cherry Reyes, Janet Magjacot, Wilson Porlaje, Jerry P. Lagrimas (technical adviser) Edgar Zantua (logistic officer)/ Harold Amper (tournament commissioner) and Alex Sales (independent adviser).