FIMAF Invitational Karate tournament today



JEDDAH — For one full day, martial arts players do battle for bragging rights in the Battle of Karatekas 2017 set for Friday, Dec. 8, under the auspices of Filipino International Martial Arts Federation (FIMAF), Western Region.

Featuring karatekas from clubs in the western region, the event starts at 8 a.m. and is expected to finish midnight at Saudi Champion Academy (SCA) Stadium on Television Street, Ghulail District on the outskirts of Jeddah.

Assembly time is at 7:30 a.m. prior to the opening ceremony which will be highlighted by the parade of teams vying for honors in various categories namely, white belt, yellow belt, orange belt, greenbelt, purple belt, blue belt, brown belt and black belt. Consul and acting head of post Rodney Jonas Sumague of the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah will be the chief guest.

FIMAF is spearheaded by Master Ernesto “Nestor” Cuizon Suliva, a 9th dan blackbelt, founder/chief instructor, Philippine Arbokaido Martial Arts Club (PAMAC) and founder/president, Philippine Martial Arts Sports Association (PHIMASA) International.

With Suliva in the FIMAF committee are: Vice-President Mamdouh Abdulhameed Alynbawi , 5th dan blackbelt, founder/chief Instructor of International Martial Arts Club (IMAC); Secretary-General Mark John Namocatcat, 5th dan blackbelt, chief instructor Shukokai Elite Karate Club (SEKC); Assistant Secretary-General Mohammed Abdullah Barheem, 7th Dan Blackbelt, founder/chief instructor, Saudi Champion Academy & manager of Saudi Arabia Karate Team; Treasurer Loyd Letada, 5th Dan Blackbelt, chief representative of Black Cobra Shorin-Ryu (OSKA); Assistant Treasurer Fernando Silva, 5th Dan Blackbelt, country representative of Shuseikan Aikido; Auditor Raul C. Austria, 6th Dan Blackbelt, founder-chief Instructor of Mortal Combat Shorin-Ryu International (MCSRI-OSKA), and Assistant Auditor Mohammed Ishaq, 7th Dan Blackbelt, founder/chief instructor, Star Karate Club International (SKCI).

Among the clubs entered in the tournament are: Alpha Kappa Rho Skeptron Shotokan Karate-do International (SSKDI), Black Cobra Shorin-Ryu –Oska, Diga Karate-Do (DKD), Filipino Fighting Arts International (FFAI), International Kuntaw Federation (IKF), International Martial Arts Club (IMAC), International Shotokan Mixed Martial Arts Training (ISMMAT), Juka Freestyle Internartional, Khaleed Anany Karate Club (KAKC), Law Enforcer Martial Arts International (LEMAI), Mortal Combat Shorin-ryu International (MCSRI-OSKA), PAMAC, PHILMASA International , Philippine Shotokan Karate-do International (PSKAI), Philippine Union Martial Arts Association (PUMA), Saudi Champion Academy Karate Club (SCAKC), Sensei Shotokan Karate Club (SSKC), Shukokai Elite Karate Club (SEKC), Shuseikan Aikido, Sphinx Shotokan Karate International (SSKI), Star Karate Club International (SKCI) of Talim sa Talim Martial Arts (TSTMA), Tat Kon Tou Martial Arts Academy (TKTMAA), and United Filipino Muslim Martial Arts Club.

The tournament sponsors are Sky Freight Forwarders, ABS-CBN, The Filipino Channel (TFC) through Charles Tabbu, Caravan Industries for Signs and Advertising courtesy of Nasser Elrass, D’ Delicraze through Reah Alzate, Omar Saem Al-Guthmi, Mohammad Saleem Al-Guthmi and Pinehill Arabia Food Limited, sole distributor of Indomie noodles.