Government agencies should provide cheaper and better services


Al-Riyadh newspaper

We cannot provide free services but we can improve the quality of services year by year. Free services usually mean low-quality services because they do not generate any profits. It is natural that providers of free services will most likely not care about developing the services they provide.

Not long ago, we used to enjoy free services when the price of oil was high. However, if we look at countries around the world today, we will see that taxes are their main source of financing. Like other Saudis, I do not want to pay taxes. However, we have a national duty as citizens to contribute to the development and progress of our country. As Saudis, we should help our government adopt a fair and accurate tax system. Advanced countries have not become rich from natural resources but because of their taxation systems.

Britain and Norway possess large oil fields in the North Sea. However, they both impose high taxes on commodities and services, including 70 percent on the sale of petrol.

We cannot demand that the government provides free services. Anyone who makes such demands is violating a universal economic rule which all advanced countries follow. However, government agencies should work on improving the quality of the services that they provide and should reduce fees as everyone always wants cheaper and better services.

Government agencies should not increase fees or impose more taxes to finance public services; rather, they should improve methods of production and employee productivity.

The Saudi Electricity Company’s profits have doubled. Is this because it has improved production and processes or because of increased tariffs. Personally, I spent SR2,400 on electricity last month. Mobile phone bills are higher than electricity bills although we do not use our phones 24 hours a day, the way we use electricity.

The government has every right to impose taxes but citizens should get better and cheaper services. Government agencies should adopt innovative methods and optimize efficiency to offer better services to the public.