Security cameras needed everywhere


Makkah newspaper

INCIDENTS that take place in different parts of the country almost every day emphasize the need for installing security cameras at our homes and institutions. These cameras will undoubtedly help uncover crimes and other unseemly incidents and track down their perpetrators.

Users of social networking sites and smart apps occasionally exchange video clips of incidents captured by surveillance cameras installed in shops or houses. This once again emphasizes the need to install such cameras at important public places in view of their value in crime detection and prevention.

Many countries have realized the importance of surveillance cameras and asked owners of houses and establishments, regardless of their size, to install them on their premises. The authorities inspect these cameras periodically to ensure their effectiveness. They play an important role in protecting people›s lives and properties as well as in exposing and deterring criminals. The security cameras create a safe environment overall.

The reliance on modern technology has become an important element in administrative, commercial and humanitarian activities and it has been found highly effective. In short, the presence of surveillance cameras is a key factor for the success of security systems in any institution.

In this age of speed, every family member will be preoccupied with his or her work, necessitating the hiring of tutors and nannies to take care of children. Security cameras will help parents to monitor their homes, which will definitely remove their worries and concerns regarding the safety of children left behind. For parents, these cameras are a source of comfort and peace of mind.

Security cameras have become very important in our lives lately. They have become a necessity, not a luxury as some people might think. They not only provide security but also save our time and effort. The cameras allow us to watch the inside and outside of our homes, offices and factories from anywhere through the Internet.

Security cameras contribute to reducing the crime rate in the country. They are live witnesses that can be relied upon 24x7 in monitoring and recording all incidents, thus simplifying the work of security agents in identifying, arresting and bringing criminals to justice.

Security cameras are known for their accuracy in taking videos with sound, and the percentage of error is minimal, thus giving a correct picture of a crime scene with all the details. This will help the police identify criminals and understand how a crime was executed.

The growing number of crimes as well as the innovative methods adopted to carry them out underlines the need for installing security cameras everywhere to help the competent security agencies uncover them. The cameras play an important role in supporting the efforts of the authorities to enhance the level of public security and promote a climate of peace and tranquility in society.

Municipalities must ask engineering offices to identify points to set up security cameras in each residential district. Camera surveillance should be made mandatory on all commercial establishments and optional on residential units. King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology should supervise the import of such cameras to ensure their quality while the Civil Defense must make sure that cameras are installed in all commercial enterprises.

The installation of cameras has become an urgent necessity and is no longer an option. Their presence itself will serve as a deterrent against weak-minded individuals, saboteurs and criminals. I hope surveillance cameras would be installed in all our facilities soon to bolster our security.