The bad people around us


Al-Watan newspaper

I NORMALLY talk about beauty in art, people and place and keep away from ugly talk to gain mental satisfaction. However, the presence of ugliness often helps us understand the value of beauty and embrace the joy.

I do not know why I got the idea of recalling the worst people in our surroundings, who I had encountered or still encounter in my life, in an attempt to find out how my readers consider them. I may be wrong in my judgment, however.

Firstly, I like to mention two types of teachers we find in our schools. One is a teacher of Shariah having extreme views. He exploits emotions of his students and lack of their knowledge to inject extremist ideas in their minds and promote a culture of death and torment. He classifies other teachers, intellectuals and media persons on the basis of his narrow yardstick. This classification leads to hatred, violence and division in society.

The other is a “weak” person who found himself in the ranks of teachers at a catastrophic moment. He is angry at his students all the time and carries out his routine duties with an air of bitterness. He is always afraid of his superiors including educational leaders, supervisors and heads of department. Such teachers spend the entire workday with fear and tension without leaving any good impact on their students.

Secondly, the worst thing I have noticed in our universities is the presence of professors who hold the highest of academic degrees but lack scientific awareness, objectivity and rationality. You can find such professors sanctifying extremist preachers, giving warnings about books or disqualifying students for bringing a recommendation letter from a junior or praising a book full of new information.

Thirdly, the worst of people I have ever seen are in the press. These writers use their pen and power of words to serve personal causes, no matter whether that of a person, place, race or a club. We can find their writings stereotypical as they do not give a universal view.

Their views are narrow and emotional in style and are devoid of logic and knowledge. They will praise any person to please him to realize their vested interests. Their writings are fragile and have no impact on society.

Fourthly, bad individuals can be found inside cultural institutions where they try to dominate in all matters. Such people will not be able to raise any new points or present any new vision or a different thought. He always delivers a parroted speech with stale content that cannot impress anyone. He lives within the walls of culture but is unable to make any real contributions.

Among the worst people I have seen are football fans who failed to grow up despite watching matches in our stadiums for several years. They behave like children as if they are watching soccer matches for the first time.

There is another group of fans who will never accept the achievements of a rival team. We can also find bad referees who act like one of the 40,000 spectators watching the match in a major tournament. Even after seeing a defender touching the ball deliberately with his hand, they give the green signal for the game to go ahead. They even ignore the ball hitting the goal or the defender roughing up a player.

Finally, I like to mention some bad experience at passenger lounges of airports. The staff at these lounges who have no intention to help their passengers repeat the same phrases in all circumstances: “What do you expect from us? It happened because of your own mistake. Did we cancel your reservation? From where can we create seats for your family members?”