Khalid Alkhudair winner of Chaillot Prize of Human Rights in the GCC region

Khalid AlKhudair, Founder and CEO of Glowork, receives the prize

RIYADH — Khalid Alkhudair, the Founder and CEO of Glowork, has been named by the European Union delegation in Riyadh as the winner of Chaillot Prize of Human Rights in the GCC region last Dec. 10.

The prize was presented to Khalid Alkhudair during a ceremony in the European Union in Riyadh. Many ambassadors and diplomats and VIP attended the ceremony. Khalid was nominated for the prize as a recognition of his national and regional efforts and a lifetime of achievements which promotes the woman rights in the filed of employment and providing innovative solutions that decreased the number of unemployment in Saudi.

Khalid's current role is the Founder and CEO of Glowork an employment organization that has created thousands of jobs for women; He is a proud Ashoka Fellow, Young Global Leader at WEF & an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Previously he held the role of COO- Markets at KPMG in Saudi, Kuwait and Jordan.

Upon accepting the award, Khalid Alkhudair said “it’s an honor today to receive this distinguished award from the European Union where over 28 countries all unanimously nominated Glowork. We are so proud to be recognized and hope that this is just the start for us and continue showcasing great Saudi strides in the fields of human rights and women rights. Our goals are aligned with Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 and we hope that we become a key player in achieving those goals together with the government.” — SG