Easy Taxi pays close attention to its customers


JEDDAH — Easy Taxi, the leading private taxi company in Saudi Arabia, has added yet another feather in its cap, giving a sense of confidence and utmost satisfaction to its customers.

Few days ago, a young lady with her wedding dress in a bag ordered an Easy Taxi car and unfortunately she left her bag in the car three months prior to her wedding.

After the many attempts to contact the customer by Easy Taxi’s customer service department and the driver himself, the young lady was successfully reached and she was reunited with her wedding dress.

The young lady’s joy was overwhelming and she expressed her sheer gratitude and appreciation to the company for its efforts to contact her and return the dress. She also recognized the driver’s high morals, which reflect an honorable image of Saudi drivers who pay attention to details that make customers happy.

Furthermore, Easy Taxi will sponsor the guests’ transportation to the young lady’s wedding through their smart phone application and a digital list of contacts.

Easy Taxi would like to invite all its customers wishing to attend weddings or other occasions to use the application for a comfortable and safe transportation.

Easy Taxi unceasingly strives to provide the best services to its customers and is therefore continuing to make every effort in doing so throughout the Kingdom.

EASY Taxi, customers’ trusted choice, is considered one of the leading private transportation companies in the Kingdom. The company is distinctive for its prices, response speed and its exceptional drivers and their knowledge of the roads they operate.

Therefore, Easy Taxi is always the right choice for anyone planning to enjoy its services that are provided in most of the Kingdom’s cities with future plans to expand and serve the entire Kingdom. — SG