DAF girls section compete with zest


Saudi Gazette

— Sports days are celebrated in schools to develop a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. They help the children to improve the mental and physical toughness. It does not only provides physical strength however, it increases mental power as well.

Dar Al Fikr Girls Section Primary building organized ‘Track and Field Event’ to celebrate physical health and to nourish sporting spirit among students. “It takes us almost a month and half to prepare for the event every year. Students prepare themselves during PE classes and receive intensive training,” Nahla Taha Abdelhadi, physical exercises instructor told Saudi Gazette.

“Students were excited and ready for this event. They showed passion for sports and physical activities and competed with zest.”

The atmosphere in the school’s outdoor playground was cheerful and enthusiastic. Students were grouped according to their classes and were assigned colors such as orange, white, red and black.

The Track and Field event had a 50 meters race, mini marathon and relay races. AbdulAziz Hanawai and Lenda Bahmdain from Grade 2 and Ward Sendi Grade 3 stood first in 50 meters race. Faiza Darwaish Grade 5 was the champion of the 100 meters race.

Samah Attia Ibrahim, PE instructor of upper elementary, said, “Sports teaches everyone to play under rules and to respect their peers. It instills students with teamwork, sportsmanship, and understanding. This is what’s important in today’s world.”

Teachers too competed displaying quality competition and sporting spirit, setting an example for their students. Mashael Augaish, administrative supervisor, Rama Al Sebayi, English teacher, and Nancy, math instructor, were the winners of lower elementary race. Whereas, Asma, Jehan and Reem Bin Sulaim were the winners of upper elementary teacher’s race.

“This event works on the development of the muscle strength. Students competed keenly and learned the spirit of the game,” Abdelhadi said, while expressing her delight.

Marium Hafiz, winner of the Mini Marathon too was delighted. “I am so happy, and everyone at home will be so proud of me.” Merrah Ayman, the champion, exclaimed that she is extremely happy as she won the race.

Later in the day an outstanding ceremony was arranged to celebrate the winners who received gold, silver and bronze medallions from Mervat Al-Shamri, elementary school principal. Every participant was given gifts as an encouragement and to acknowledge their hard work.