The wisdom of Saudi Arabia


Makkah newspaper

Two decades ago, the political situation in the Arab world was different from what it is today. The Arab summit was held regularly and was led by influential countries such as the Kingdom, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Gulf countries were one bloc and shared the same insight and vision. However, this situation was negatively affected when Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait. As a result, Iraq was left fragmented and the entire political equilibrium of the Middle East was disrupted.

Later on, Syria distanced itself from the Arab countries and split from the united Arab front while Egypt was undermined by the political situation that gripped the entire region. Yemen and Libya were also negatively affected. The political situation of Lebanon became even more complicated while tension between Tunisia and Algeria increased. Qatar, on the other hand, adopted a malicious agenda that seeks to undermine the unity of countries in the Gulf and in the Arab world.

Despite this tumultuous political situation, the Kingdom has continued to play its role in the Arab world and in the Gulf, and has remained steadfast in the face of the political turmoil that has ripped through the entire region. It has prevented all attempts to permeate and undermine the unity of the Arab world. It has had no choice but to carry out its duties and use all of its diplomatic means, economic strength and military force to face these difficulties. It has had to take challenging decisions on several issues affecting the Middle East.

Some of our brethren from other Arab countries have attacked the Kingdom because of its decisions. They have forgotten that the Kingdom took these decisions due to the complicated situation in the region. They are, moreover, clearly influenced by the false lies promulgated by a hostile media driven by hostile ideologies and beliefs that are against the Kingdom, which has risen above this criticism for the sake of keeping the Arab world united.

Unfortunately, many of our fellow Arabs are still influenced by the political speeches of Arab leaders who are no longer alive, such as Saddam Hussain, Muammar Al-Ghaddafi, Hafiz Al-Assad and Ali Abdullah Saleh who killed many of their own people and destroyed their countries’ resources due to their own personal or satanic whims.

Many Yemenis were not convinced by the Kingdom’s role in the region and only came to recognize its importance when the Houthis killed Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is sad that some Yemenis have been influenced by the venom spewed by news channels such as Al-Jazirah, Al-Manar and Al-Mayadeen. Some people in the Gulf still believe that the political position taken by the Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain is wrong. I hope these people will realize, before it is too late, that their decision is right. The political situation in the Gulf was stable until Qatar took hostile action against the Gulf and the Arab world.

As for Jerusalem, the Kingdom has proved that it is the only real supporter of this issue despite all the desperate attempts to undermine the Saudi role in defending the holy city. It suffices to say that President Mahmoud Abbas has also testified to the Saudi role.

Despite all of the hostility against us, the Kingdom will continue to carry out its important role in the region. It does not matter that some of our fellow Arabs are still influenced by fake speeches and slogans and are unable to differentiate between right and wrong.