Wanted terrorist Al-Qalaf killed in Awamiyah


Saudi Gazette report

- Abdullah Al-Qalaf, a wanted fugitive, was killed in Awamiyah town in Qatif in the Eastern Province on Monday.

“Al-Qalaf was involved in a number of terrorist crimes and was hiding in a farm located between the towns of Awamiyah and Qudayh,” the Saudi Press Agency reported quoting an official source from the Presidency of State Security.

As a result of the security monitoring and surveillance of terrorist elements in Awamiyah, security authorities were able to locate Al-Qalaf on Monday evening, according to the source.

He was found in a silver Hyundai Sonata car bearing false number plates, and when security forces tried to stop the car, he began firing at them.

In the exchange of fire, the terrorist was killed. No bystander or security personnel were hurt during the operation, the source said.

Several weapons were recovered which included Kalashnikov gun, pistol, 94 machine gun bullets and 14 pistol bullets, military suit, and four masks.

Al-Qalaf was involved in several terror crimes, including the killing of security man Abdullah Al-Qahtani last November.