FANR launches its community outreach drive


ABU DHABI — The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) of the United Arab Emirates has launched this week its Community Outreach Campaign. The campaign aims to engage with different segments of the community and raise awareness about FANR as the UAE nuclear regulator and its role in ensuring safe, secure and peaceful nuclear energy program.

Starting its yearlong campaign, FANR organized two consecutive awareness sessions in Dubai where over 175 students from Al Ma’arif Boys Secondary School and Mareya Al Qebteya Secondary school took part. Sessions were interactive where students learned about issues related to radiation, nuclear energy as well as roles of FANR as a regulator of the sector in the UAE.

“Public awareness is indispensable for our work. It is imperative to raise awareness among the different members of the community about FANR’s mission. It is part of our commitment to create awareness about or work. We aim to engage with different segments of the community by using different channels. This will help create the understanding and knowledge about UAE nuclear program as well as FANR’s roles in ensuring safety and security of nuclear and radioactive material applications,” said Salah Al Hashimi, director of FANR government communications department.

“We started our campaign with school outreach by engaging with high-school students. The students are the future of our country and the UAE’s leadership places top priority on young people and equipping them with skills necessary to lead the nuclear sector in the future. We extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Education for supporting our initiative,” added Al Hashimi

FANR’s Community Outreach Campaign will aim to educate the public about the various functions at FANR including nuclear safety, nuclear security, safeguard and radiation protection contributing to its unique mission. Planning to roll in different cities across the country, it will target during the year students in schools and universities, members of the public, government agencies and licensees of FANR who are authorized to use regulated items.

FANR, setup in 2009, regulates the nuclear sector in the UAE, concerning the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It regulates all nuclear activities and licenses the use of radioactive sources in the UAE. This includes regulating not only the design, siting, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants in the country but also includes regulating radioactive material and radiation sources.

FANR controls nuclear safety, security, radiation protection and safeguards, and is committed to enforcing the global accords entered into by the UAE. — SG