Elderly Saudi shoots judge outside mosque


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — A judge was shot and wounded as he stepped out a mosque in Al-Kharj on Tuesday.

Judge Fahd Al-Judou had left his office to perform Dhuhr prayer in a mosque only 100 meters away from the court.

As the judge came out of the mosque after performing the prayer, an elderly Saudi shot him with a gun. The bullet hit his left shoulder. Colleagues who witnessed the attack rushed Al-Judou to King Khalid Hospital in Al-Kharj.

The judge was reported to be in good health and his injury was not severe. Police arrested the gunman, but his motive for the attack was unclear.

Minister of Justice Sheikh Waleed Al-Samaan visited Al-Judou on Wednesday and was reassured of his health.
Speaking to reporters after the visit, Al-Samaan, who is also president of the Supreme Judiciary Council, said one bullet would not stop the hand of justice.
He lauded the security authorities for immediately arresting the attacker.
“The ministry will do everything possible to ensure the safety of all officials associated with the judiciary and protect them from any aggression especially while performing their duty,” he said.