Moaiqaliya Souk woos visitors to Riyadh


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MOST tourists and holidaymakers who come to Riyadh tend to visit the Moaiqaliya Souk before they leave the capital city. Located in the heart of Riyadh, this market is distinguished for its shops that sell both traditional and modern goods.

"The market is located away from the din and bustle of the city. Elderly people who will not find all their requirements in big malls can find them in Moaiqaliya," said Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, a shopper.

Many visitors go to Moaiqaliya to purchase oud, oud oil, and other perfumes as well as mishlah, a kind of overcoat, and various types of clothes and readymade dresses, he said.

"People often visit this market to see a variety of goods being displayed, including very essential commodities. My family wants to visit Moaiqaliya whenever they go to Riyadh," said Al-Ghamdi while speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

He said people could purchase quality products in Moaiqaliya at low prices. "This is one of the distinctions of this market and this is why many people visit the place.”

Salim Surouri said the market was famous for oud and oud oil as people can get high quality products there.

Surouri said visitors would be able to find most of their requirements in Moaiqaliya including mishlah, sweaters and high quality igal (head gear), which is an essential part of Saudi men's wardrobe.

"Holidaymakers will enjoy the smell of the past when they visit Moaiqaliya, which is filled with enchanting aroma of oud and oud oil. Whenever I visit Riyadh I find time to visit the souk in order to purchase my various requirements, especially oud and oud oil," Surouri told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

Mohammed Al-Saghir said the market lacked some essential services required by visitors such as parking. He urged the municipality to provide such services and keep the market neat and tidy, especially during vacations when a large number of people visit Riyadh.