Riyadh's Ritz Carlton reopens for guests

Ritz Carlton Riyadh

By Abdulaziz Al-Youssef

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — The Ritz Carlton has reopened its doors again for the ordinary guests after it was closed for three months starting Nov. 4 during which it was entirely dedicated to host a number of princes, ministers and businessmen accused of corruption.

The majority of the suspects have settled their cases with the government except 56 who have been referred to relevant authorities for further investigations prior to sending them to court.

They have denied charges against them and opted to stand trial. They have all vacated the hotel.

A number of clients have already booked in the hotel before it was officially reopened on Wednesday.

The hotel announced that it was ready to receive guests but hanged a large billboard saying that photography was strictly prohibited.

The management allowed people to walk freely without any security hustle in the lobby, the cafeterias, the restaurants and the gardens.

The management has asked the security not to allow entry of cameras. A photographer from one of the local newspapers was prevented from taking pictures and the memory card of his camera was confiscated.

A hotel staff said they did not mind taking pictures but only in the permissible areas including the lobby and the sitting places.

Though the charge per a single room is SR2,600 and SR2,489 for a double a night, only 10 out of the hotel's 450 rooms have remained vacant.