President of Abeer receives Asian Business Award 2018


DUBAI — Alungal Mohammed, President of Abeer Medical Group, received the Asia Live Asian Business Award 2018, an international honor for entrepreneurial excellence instituted by the Dubai based Innovative Media Group. The award was presented to him by Mahmoud Hesham El-Burai, Chairman of United Nations Global Compact and CEO of Land Department, Dubai.

Alungal appreciated the organizing team of Innovative Media Group for taking such a great initiative to discover successful entrepreneurs and encourage resourceful youth of the present. He also unveiled the logo of ‘Young Indian Business Summit’, another initiative of Innovative Media Group that will be held in Dubai in April this year.

Alungal congratulated the brains who worked behind the publication of the coffee table book ‘Young Indian Visionaries’ that contained the profiles and success stories of 70 young entrepreneurs. The book was formally released during the event. “I’m more interested to draw inspiration from my friends who have gathered here. I don’t like to convince my belief that I’m already a successful businessperson. Rather, I believe that I’m an emerging entrepreneur keen to learn novel lessons from youngsters like you”, he said.

He spoke about the remarkable role of practical experience in grooming entrepreneurs and augmenting their business expertise. He said that true entrepreneurs are doers, and not just dreamers who work to win their vision. “Don’t just dream. Rather, do it. If we don’t find time to work for our dreams, someone will hire us for the realty of their dreams. Our life is too short to work for others”, he added.

He stressed on the importance of time and opportunity. “Plant the right seed on the right soil at the right time for the right fruit. Be ahead of time, and envision what’s beyond”, he said.