SR2.2bn deposited in citizen’s account for February


Saudi Gazette report

— An amount of SR2.2 billion was deposited in the Citizen’s Account Program on Sunday as the third installment of the allowance for eligible beneficiaries for the month of February.

The Citizen’s Account Program is a cash handout scheme for low- and middle-income Saudi families and individuals to offset the direct and indirect impacts of economic reforms.

These include increase in fuel price and electricity tariff as well as the impact of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Figures show that 46% of families and individuals have received their full allowance of SR934 as average support for each family in the third installment.

The Program covered 3.3 million families and individuals as well as 8.2 million dependents, hence bringing the total beneficiaries to 11.6 million, according to Director of the Citizens Account Program Eng. Ali Bin Hadi Rajhi. Some 794,000 families got an allowance exceeding SR900 while 25% of those eligible for the allowance got partial support, he said.

With the third installment deposit, more than SR6 billion has been deposited so far in the citizen’s account.

The fourth installment will be deposited in the accounts of eligible families and individuals on March 11, 2018.

Citizens whose applications have been completed and submitted before Feb. 11, 2018, will be eligible for the fourth installment allowance, Rajhi added.

The program’s management will be ready to receive complaints five days after the amount has been deposited. Beneficiaries can send their complaints from their accounts via the website, he said.

The program’s management reviews beneficiaries’ data and alerts them if the officially registered data do not tally. The objective is to prevent directing support to those who do not deserve it.