Secret Notes launches Hervé Gambs perfumes


SECRET Notes boutique, house of luxury perfumes celebrated designer Hervé Gambs to Saudi Arabia for the first time as he introduced his new collection of perfumes, colognes and home.

At a ceremony held here in Jeddah in Secret Notes boutique, attended by Fadi Tamim, regional director at Abu Issa Ltd and Hervé Gambs, owner and designer of Hervé Gambs perfume collection, a large number of journalists, dignitaries, influencers, bloggers and in collaboration with Nichearabia.

On the occasion, Fadi Tamim, regional director of Abu Essa Ltd welcomed his guests and said: “Today, We are very delighted to add to our wide luxury perfume brand, the famous French brand which well-known for its dramatic flower compositions and sophisticated home fragrances sold all over the world.”

He also announced that as part of Secret Notes Boutique’s expansion plan, more branches will be opened in major cities of Saudi Arabia to offer such luxury perfumes to the Saudi market.

Speaking to his guests, French designer, Hervé Gambs said that quality became the very meaning of his work, a signature present in all designs.

He explained that HERVE GAMBS’ house is a thoroughly modern vision of High French Perfumery far from spiritless standards of the market, with the omnipresent desire to reveal and sublimate the beauty hidden inside nature.

He also added that he is a very ambitious about expanding his distribution channel and his desire to make alternative perfumery accessible here in the Kingdom and other GCC nations. — SG